Artist Statement

Husbands, Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin have been creating work together since 2007 making installations that incorporate sculpture, performance art, video, theater and drawing.

As part of the first generation of gay Americans to have grown up with a set of traditionally hetero-normative aspirations as insiders rather than “The Other”, Nick and Jake use their work to explore their deep ambivalence towards ‘The American Dream.” Their work utilizes their own marriage, tropes of masculinity, images of utopic suburbia and the model of the nuclear family to look at what it is to be in a same sex marriage in America today.

The Guestbook

lohmanwild says: this creative team has skillz! the cut paper maps were fastidious and lovely and the subject matter, what it means to be an American man, was interesting.

louise.fleming.39 says: This work is nothing short of brilliant - I am glad the two of you took the time to share with me, a little about your collaborative process. best wishes

BklynCurator11215 says: Hello, I love how beautiful, maticulous and multi-layered your work is: Literally and metaphorically. I have nominated your oeuvre for inclusion in the Brooklyn Museum exhibition Joan Inciardi

Eduardo-m says: i love the use of mix media in their work. what i love about their pieces is that they clash together really nicely and thats hard to when working in a group.