Artist Statement

Determined traveller and outsider, Allon Schemool, cursed as an Artist from the outset has been giving and showing his perspective of the World publicly since 1997. Drawing, painting, writing and digitally repurposing~animating and ever-evolving, the funnest recent critic said my work, "(scatching his beard) well it's interesting, it is familiar but completely not... like looking into the 5th dimension" Did it scare him? no. The work is an interpretation of the experiments of human made Organic Cubism that I gleefully display for your consideration.

The Guestbook

nic.dewalt says: I think Allon is doing something unconventional and intriguing with his "doctored" found pieces and his sometimes un-human portraits.

art.doctorny says: Finally an unafraid conceptual artist working on expanding works to inspire other artists.