Artist Statement

I make my own paint and I have been exploring new possibilities in paint for 35 years. I'm interested in the interaction of light reflecting pigments, with transparent colored pigments, on to particles that will redistribute the light (i.e. glass balls or glass beads). This creates a dazzling series of reflections that are mysterious and beautiful for the spectator. This is the latest evolution of my work.

The Guestbook

gcsSUGAR says: I have been a long time follower of Art Guerra's art, and art making. He is a prolific and dedicated artist. His research and exploration into the science of pigment and paint has been a huge benefit and influence to many artist. His artworks exhibit the depths and potential of paint and it's complexities. Viewing his artwork is like staring into the universe. It is without a doubt that Mr. Guerra is devoted to his practice and vision.