Artist Statement

Brooklyn-based artist Charlotte Segall is best known for her highly detailed ballpoint pen drawings on translucent vellum. Segall offers a unique vision of what it means to 'break the figure apart' by using the act of sheep shearing as a moment of true abstraction. Upon visiting her brownstone studio you will see how her intricate drawings are being translated into 8-foot oil paintings.

The Guestbook

cormac says: Great!

ltil86 says: Awesome use of color.

tenten2012 says: Segall is a traditional figure drawer/painter who has allowed her detailed hand to mutate forms, and give rein to her obsession with mythological satyrs and minotaurs, human bodies and goat legs sprouting from her sketchbook, then transferring them into a monolithic oil composition/portrait of a performance artist who is her muse. She uses her strong eye for anatomy to create realms of possibility.