Artist Statement

Jennifer is a dance/movement therapist from Pratt Institute, combining art-making and dance into one therapy session... Now she has created “Choreography On Canvas”; art through dancing in performances. It is the journey through creating art that is her focus. As a viewer, you can feel the raw emotions laid upon the canvas through the drips, swirls, and streaks of colorful paint. She shares her soul with you, exposes how she feels and takes that risk. There is so much movement in the paintings you can't help but be moved yourself.

The Guestbook

ChoreographyOnCanvas says: Thank you so much for your truly inspiring support! I am on a roll now... (Twirls in paint.) You are welcome back anytime -- I hope you find the time to be creative every day. :)

Pinto says: Excelent!

marcfeldmannyc says: Loved the collaboration of music, poetry and dance to create such wonderful pieces!

giodrum says: Beautiful work!

giancarlo12 says: very talented, a dancer mixed with an artist, it was just amazing !

janice.brown.397501 says: Jennifer creates her works of art with intense abandon. Watching her perform her "Choreography on Canvas" is a joyful experience and one that stays with you long after you've seen it. The combination of music, dance, and paint is not only original; Jennifer manages to make every dance, every painting evoke strong feelings. When you watch the creative process from beginning to end, you realize you are witnessing not only innovation, but innovation with heart. Her talent is rare and raw, and her self-confidence comes alive in her work. She makes it look easy, she is that good! I can't wait to see what she creates in the future.

tom.byrne.581 says: An emerging artist who deserves wider exposure, looking forward to more performances and to more great art!