Artist Statement

My work is a subversion of traditional purposes of portraiture, with a focus on making discoveries and facilitating transformation in my subjects, myself, and in communities of viewers. My sense of community and my strong sense of responsibility toward that community is central to my work. The Breast Portrait Project focuses on non-traditional images and ideas of women, beauty, sexuality and gender expression. In the past few years I have begun to work in oil on canvas on a large scale. I find that portraying the body in a larger-than-life size creates a more powerful experience for the viewer.

The Guestbook

Eln212 says: Haynes' work reminds me of why I love what is called feminist art. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

phyllis.demby says: There our so many in this world of ours that look at the womans breast as a sex object,in this display I hope people will look at the person as a whole and not a body part, I am not my breast!!!!!!

MIJ says: Clarity Haynes' work invites us, the viewer, to reassess our definition of beauty. Her larger than life paintings force us to go beyond gawking at the human form, and impels us to investigate not just how we see the world around us but also to question why we see the world around us as we do. Haynes' work is not subtle and yet it is delicately precise and deeply, unapologetically profound. The large, the flabby, the saggy, the old, the withered, the scarred -- these are the reality of the human form, not the exceptions. Haynes deftly forces us to recognize that these are the normal -- not the grotesque. In their normalcy, Haynes captures exquisite beauty. Through the expertly painted imperfections of Haynes' subjects, shines the vibrancy of life and survivorship. She has the courage to confirm what most of us have always suspected: Beauty is not just the purview of the young, but rather beauty is for and of us all. Haynes' work is the caliber of art I *want* to see in museums. Brava!! Brava!!

bombshell says: . The power of these images is not to be denied. The artist's use of color, scale, and focal point confront and arrest us with our fragility,and the raw beauty of our humanity; not to mention, a technique so seamless I marveled and stared up close at these works over and over again...simply awe-inspiring! Both humbling and edifying. I was touched!! Thank you, gracious lady for having us by.

Kristen.Addessi says: At first it a bit a of shock to only see torsos but it drew me into know more. Once the purpose was explained, it became a fascinating.

celeste.demby says: Awesome work very inspiring!

jessica.leigh.37 says: Clarity's larger-than-life photorealistic paintings are stunning. Her body-positive project fuses art and activism, and reminded me of Hannah Wilke and Jo Spence. I loved that she tackled these immense canvases, a portrait size that seems more common among male artists like Chuck Close. Even though we don't see the sitters' faces, the paintings sensitively convey a sense of their narrative. I feel like we're learning more about the subjects than just about the topography of their bodies...we're getting a sense of their holistic lived experience.