Artist Statement

A skeletal structure serving as framework for the hand stitching is quickly sketched in graphite. The stitching functions as an idiosyncratic craft that paces the work, giving time and relief to the fast & expressive painting.

The result is an interaction between the abstract elements (geometric stitching), and the more literal passages(intestines, clothing, hair). The paintings use visual and physical landmarks to support the abstract and inexpressible emotions that are linked to those landmarks. The canvas is often spit horizontally, where ideas about the insides of things, both material and immaterial are explored and expanded.

The Guestbook

YES1976 says: Your work and the way you had it displayed had the greatest impact of any other studio that we visited. Fantastic experience!

col says: Your work is very visually pleasing and I like the ways you incorporate the painting with hand stitching.