Artist Statement

I am mainly interested in painting from life and am drawn to views that might not have obvious aesthetic appeal, but where the commonplace has a special patina at the moment I am there, whether a gritty industrial street or a neighborhood block with mom-and-pop shops. I am particularly enthralled by the sun’s effects on buildings, trees, water, and bridges, creating glimmers of beauty. My goal is to honor the richness that exists around me, as a visual homage to the bounty in my life, by capturing the spirit of a place at a moment in time.

The Guestbook

aidlesidle says: Beautiful work!

MarinaL says: Ms. Yang's work is wonderful. The detail and color she uses in her paintings just capture your eye and you don't want to look away.

karen.gibbons.106 says: Wonderful work!

iamlbr says: So easy to imagine being in your spaces. Great job.