Artist Statement

These works are recent samples inspired by a road trip through New Mexico. I was especially impressed by the Mountain ranges and the visible open horizontal layering of the Earth ages which is echoed in some of the oil paintings. While driving through it felt like slicing through a piece of Black Forest cake.
The works posted are Stoked, 40 x 60, 2012 ink on paper, Swimmingly 40 x 40, ink on paper, Chimayo, 40 x 40, ink on paper, A Tad Headstrong , 51 x 63, 2012, Oil on canvas, Kitty Wampus 51 x 63, oil on canvas.

The Guestbook

Calabazita says: Best artist of the 50 I saw that day--love her older work and the newer landscapes of the Southwest.

Joanbl says: Of the five-plus studios we visited, Jasmina Danowski's paintings were the ones that I can visualize hanging in a prestigious museum. Her use of shapes and colors was nothing short of mesmerizing. I also learned that she mixes her own colors, making her nomination all the more certain.

Pballer says: