Artist Statement

A visitor entering my studio would see oil and silk paintings, watercolors, drawings on Japanese and other papers. I think of the paintings on silk as painted light because of their translucence. They are on panels and in columns and interact with their surroundings, including light (ever- changing) and moving air (breezes). Installation is key and has been my focus for many years. I love working with color and light, and my Gowanus studio has beautiful afternoon light, and an exquisite "magic hour" near dusk. Matisse said that Brooklyn light was one of the most beautiful he'd ever seen.

The Guestbook

peterr says: ephemeral

jhunt says: Beautiful paintings! Thank you for sharing them with me.

karen.gibbons.106 says: You have created a beautiful atmosphere!

flomo428 says: Loved you house it was truly beautiful!

Cphoenix7 says: Her painting is so amazing that words cannot describe the feeling that gives you when you're looking at it! A natural talent, very organic!