Artist Statement

After weeks of walking by these beautiful trees, felled by one of the recent storms in Brooklyn, I found means and methods and support to harvest large pieces of the magnificent trunks. Based on my drawings and concepts, I let myself be guided by the piece of wood when I start shaping it with a chainsaw. After the basic shape is found, a variety of carving tools help me hone the piece to the optimal form and finish.

The Guestbook

DJones says: Amazed by what he could do with what Mother Nature provided!

robgcarr says: Amazing detail, patience, and craftmanship in your work. Thanks for sharing.

Snow says: It was so great to see your work! My fingers are crossed for you! Thanks, Adrienne Snow (Danielle's sister)

smell says: Danielle Zamudio

daz1334 says:

LayLee says: Heinrich's art embodies both serenity and vibrant energy in his renderings, carvings, sculptures and furniture. He seems to have dreamed about them all at the same time so there is no perceptible beginning and end in the order of his creations. I love how he gave new life to salvaged wood, so that they are reborn and live on as newly energized solids and voids. His work is full of raw energy and honest expression, and is imbued with an exquisite beauty.

evelyn says: Really beautiful! The souls of the trees are revealed.