Artist Statement

Wallpaper, literally a piece of cultural fabric, has been my source material for the last 10 years. Traditionally background decoration of visual convention, wallpaper patterns inspired by nature are brought to the foreground in my work- decorative information as flight for the imagination. Redrawn, resized and silkscreened on canvas and paper, these patterns are cut, collaged, combined, recombined and painted upon in a back and forth process aimed at creating a luminous newfangled painting space. I am interested in a material quality where each element participates in the conversation while maintaining it’s individual identity.

The Guestbook

dianemeier says: Tjis artists' work captures something about the tree of life- its beauty, its shadows, the relationship of memory to life in the present moment on this earth. It stimulates a lot of thought and contemplation about the experience of being human and the layers of consciousness that come with it.