Artist Statement

In making ceramic figurative work I meditate on the challenge of pushing forward through times of struggle. I depict vulnerable moments, where figures are caught reflecting on their current predicaments. They often seem to be absorbed in a pained melancholy, carrying the weight of their pasts and struggling with the reality of their present. As I sculpt I often imagine a narrative of the make-believe lives of my clay beings and this influences the sculptural decisions that I make.

The Guestbook

ASR18 says: Jess. I'm so proud of you! You did great this weekend. It was great to see all your work in person. You are truly talented! I love you so much. Xoxo shmalissy

sidelinedbeth says: Wonderful exhibit. Can't wait to see what she's working on next!

neilco77 says: By far the most creative & professional looking works of any of the artists in the studio or from another 20 artists I checked out online. She's the real deal!!!!

Kathyru says: love you, xoxo kitty

Go12345667 says: You rock!! Xoxo Lissy Ps. Do you need an apprentice? I'll work for free

Josephine says: Jessica Cohen's work evokes emotional themes through mythological references. She creates a parallel universe of our dark dreams that we can all relate to through the expressions of her sculptures-- bodies caught in vulnerable moments, eyes reflecting on some external standard which has not been met ....and the resulting embarrassment of not measuring up... Her figures are in motion, on the path to self-awareness which is always fraught with self-doubt. Her creations are truly unique and in the end, evoke in us, our own feelings of imperfection, and thus we are lead down our own road toward self-acceptance.

brk999 says: your work is so impressive! ar

dftmon says: There is something special about this sculptures.

Jellk says: cant wait to see more of your work! -a