Artist Statement

I consider myself to be first and foremost a portrait painter. I trace my painting career back to a cartoon I created in 1986. The cartoon depicted a forehead, a caricature of my own face from the eyes up. From there I started painting "forehead portraits" that captured my subjects from the nose up. I have moved down the face over the years, but my focus on close-up portraiture remains. Whether I'm painting a fraction or an entire face, in a whimsical or realistic way, what remains consistent is my interest in creating a well crafted, arresting image.

The Guestbook

JonathanBlum says: Me!

dlobel says: Love the way Jonathon brings together the parts of brooklyn, and animal themes.

aidlesidle says: Exceptionally beautiful and delightfully whimsical pieces. He is one of the most unique artists I have seen in a very long time.

juddls says: At a time when whimsy is resisted, Jonathan brings truth, humor, culture and visual harmony together with astonishing technique. It is impossible to look at his work and not smile.

peter.barlin says: The most refined and complete artist that I saw over the weekend. Which is why he has been so successful and known in the neighborhood.

jsharpfoto says: His charisma and entertaining imagery are magnetic

nycandyg says: I hope you win, social media art star!. (I'll be forwarding all future GO spam.)

Acantor says: Vibrant and fun and yet the artist's technical talent is evident. His work and personality embody the spirit and community of Brooklyn.

Dinabu1 says: By far the best and most interesting!! Love his work.

Tamar says: Blum's work is so original and vibrant. I imagine it holds equally strong appeal for both children and adults. His subject matter is broad --while visiting his studio with friends, we were all drawn to different pieces. Some are portraits that make you smile at every glance, others gently remind you of something or somewhere.

melanie.portsche says: Jonathon's work speaks to me in volumes! I adore his use of vibrant colors, his use of animals especially and the relatability of his muses and often his New York backdrops! His work is so alive and fun. Love it!

kglass99 says: He is wonderful and deserves to win!!!

mattcarl says:

lillybeth930 says: Amazing work! Especially the Rabbi paintings and the one with the cousins. Very unique

rubinbooty says: Whimsical animal and rabbi paintings. Terrific ketubah (Hebrew marriage contract) calligraphy and illustration.

loufinney says: Jonathan's work is original and joyful.

stephen says: I have been collecting Jonathan's work for about 20 years. Each piece delights me to no end. They are playful, passionate and gutsy. I love his monoprints....and the respect he gives to people, animals and institutions. His new works always create a wonderful sense of surprise. It keeps me wondering what he will come up with next. This is part of Jonathan's magic.