Artist Statement

With my architect’s eye, I see the world in pallets of composition, layering, deconstruction and organized chaos. My studio is an amalgamation of all of the things I love: painting, drawing and fashion design.... I’m currently working on large scale, monochromatic paintings/drawings which explore fashion-inspired figures set within the confines of suburbia, societal expectations of women’s roles and body perception. Industrial details represent the 'confines', while the thick, black undulating brushwork represents the soul’s true identity, love and acceptance.

The Guestbook

mariquel says: Very powerful and modern

wexy says: Hi Kerri, thanks for the tour. GO was a great idea. Nice how the artist in the neighborhood all know each other Rich

Philip says: Favorite #1

djvooid says: Great job during the event, I can wait to see your work all over the work, I found it extremely compelling and captivating and I love the boldness of the simple black and white paintings and illustrations. Vooid