Artist Statement

Mystery intrigues me. Intuition guides the process and creation of my work. I am attracted to objects and materials whose inherent qualities suggest their function and history, and reference things that are familiar but not completely known. I am drawn to “orphaned” objects that have been cast off by others, finding beauty in their past and unique character as they have weathered over time. The objects I create are material illusions; the elements of each sculpture are derived from real objects or made as imaginative projections of actual objects.

The Guestbook

Sabina says: Launa Beuhler would be a great pick to be in the Go Museum show. Her work is interesting, engaging and meaningful. Her sense of space and construction is sophisticated while the pieces are both fun and playful.

adelezane says: Large pieces that are visually intriguing, almost delicate in their execution but imposing at the same time.

sirron.norris.16 says: Her use of positive and negative space were interesting and the scale of her pieces fit wonderfully in a museum setting. Very thought provoking.