The Guestbook

stephaniecmatthews says: Her work was incredibly unique -- abstract, sci-fi, visceral. I loved the mixed media pieces.

GMPRADL says: I found the conversation between her and her partner regarding constraint (hers) and loose form (his) to be a useful and inspiring dialogue.

Newton-Pottinger says: Nickola is a passionate artist whose amazing painting features the uses various mediums and other organic materials, woven together to create artistic magic. Her choice of colors and penmanship blended with the stroke of the brush bounces off the canvas shows how magical and powerful art can be. Each of her artwork expresses unspeakable feelings of emotion that almost cannot be put into words. It’s just an over powering feeling you feel all over your body as you admire this great piece of art work.

s.potnger says: Nickola you're FUCKING AWESOME!

mars89 says: Her art is very visceral. It adds an extra depth to the experience.

evelyn says: