Artist Statement

My intent is to make irreducible abstract paintings -visual stage of sorts- where the viewer is challenged to "put the pieces together".
Their multi-dimensional pictorial space reveals itself slowly. It requires a contemplative approach to fully grasp the internal visual dialog going on between opacity and transparency, illusion and literality, shape and space...

I will be showing pieces from three on going series making for a rewarding visual experience:

Small pieces from the "COMPOSITES" series along with pieces from the "FLAT OUTS" series with their scroll like compositions and the large scale "FULL FRONTAL" series with their hinged compositions confronting the viewer's gaze.

The Guestbook

Reeces says: His paintings speak for themselves. They harken back to the era of minimalist simplicity with a tinge of angular expressionism in the shapes and forms he use. There is a sense of order and restraint in his color choices but the harsh points evoke dark melodrama from within.