Artist Statement

J Carlos Pinto

Juan Carlos Pinto is from Guatemala and his art is as expressive as his native lush, colorful and Central American nation. The artwork is also aggressive and makes a revolutionary statement. The spectrum of his art covers abstract painting, tile work, wood work and use of non-biodegradable plastic and glass. All material used is gathered from the garbage that is discarded indiscriminately with no regard to environmental hazards. His use of plastic is unique and pulsates with hidden messages. He uses discarded Metro Cards.

The Guestbook

fonne-fong says: Your work is bold, interesting and different because you incorporate cut-up Metrocards. I love your mosaic-like images.

wexy says: Loved those MetroCard portraits. They shouldn't be suing you, they should be promoting you..

Gigot says: This artist's work stands apart -- really exceptional. I think his body of work--including his new experimentation with a weaving technique that draws upon his Guatemalan heritage-- would make a fabulous statement at the Brooklyn Museum. Besides his portaits, I also enjoyed his new observations of birds in Prospect Park --very different from Audubon!

michael.northrop says: Amazing collages made with cut-up MetroCards. Iconic in both subject and medium (the Bruce Lee is my favorite).

AlphaHelix says: Profound. Just outrage enveloped by compelling beauty. Truth.

mlucineo says: Juan Carlos Pinto is a great talent and I especially loved the way he collages MetroCards into the most incredible portraiture. When looking at the work, one would never think that his materials were these cards, but upon closer examination, it's exactly that, and that is what makes it so completely amazing. Nicely done.

giancarlo12 says: creative to use metro cards and amazing work he can do !