Artist Statement

Prune Nourry is a French multi-disciplinary artist who draws her inspiration from the themes that surround bioethics. Through the humorous medical world she recreates in her performances, artworks and exhibition design, Nourry brings attention to some of the preoccupying issues that arise from our fast growing scientific discoveries.

Trained as a sculptor, Nourry explores a multitude of mediums such as photography and film, and attempts to transcend their 2D nature - transforming them into sculptural pieces the audience can interact with. Offering an accessible, and participatory art experience to viewers is essential for Nourry.

The Guestbook

aliceg59 says: Nourry's powerfully moving art installations focus on the dangers of birth choice around the world: from the loss of a generation of girls in India and Asia to the potential for eliminating cross-eyed babies in California. Her feminine cow figures in bronze are particularly captivating.

MattStoneNYC says: Powerful.

designsan says: Really thought-provoking sculpture/installation art. Very meticulous and realistic. At the same time can appear other-worldly and shocking.

jfebrady says: Loved your work and it's social statement. It was very moving.

Carteroutiere says: Un travail original avec plein de détails, le tout appuyé par une volonté de contribuer à une société plus respecteuse des droits des femmes et des enfants.