Artist Statement

My paintings aim to define a raw truth about women and their twin aspects of sensitivity and power. As in the words of Andre Breton; “like a ribbon wrapped around a bomb”, I attempt to both seduce and startle the viewer. Working intuitively I skirt a razor's edge balancing pop and filmic imagery with art historical references and personal interpretations of feminist icons, myths and fairytales. These paintings are an invitation into my dream world, and are not intended to be specific narratives, but instead, to open a window to a magic reality, allowing an open ended and associative response.

The Guestbook

Calabazita says: Rene is a talented painter, and I enjoy the feminist symbolism & mythological allusions in her work. What a great find on my local Atlantic Avenue.

Bruno_J_Navarro says: Wonderfully imaginative.

juniper says: Confusing about sexuality and the cultural concept of beauty. Interesting, evocative, very beautiful and well-painted.