Artist Statement

Realism In Stone
Arteriosclerosis HDL=280 BMI=34.6 Junk: America. My passion as a sculptor involves a technique I uncovered more than 20 years ago — the precise art of creating "virtual records" of contemporary culture — capturing everyday objects in carved stone.

I am ambivalent about what I sculpt...these foodstuffs, yet I love to carve them since I recognize their significance far beyond what they represent on a store shelf. Who can know if a bottle of ketchup will exist in 4025AD?

Abstract works
the transformation of thoughts to forms carved out of solid stone

The Guestbook

rakppw says: her work is phenomenal and deserves to be in the exhibition even if she gets fewer votes due to her location on E 5th and Ave N-she is QUALITY!!

debra.kohn.73 says: Thanks for the tour. Your work is exciting..

Blevenstein says: Very innovative sculptures.

Suzanne says: Lovely works...I enjoyed meeting you!!

carol.reneau says: I came by with my daughter Zoe and you were so willing to share your work. I love that you are able to create such masterpieces out of the mediums that you use. My favorites includes the boots, jeans jacket and of course the real-looking m and m's. You have my nomination. Thank you. Carol R.

Samzeee says: Robin is truly an artist. She has talent.