Artist Statement

I've Decided to let my passions lead the way.
Exploring my senses and emotions uncontrollably.

My imagination has taught me how to capture moments and illusions.

Through Visual Art, Performing and mixing medias. I've found an outlet to my imagination.
My curiosity.

The streets are my art.
Life's gift is my expression.

My pallet is of all my inspirations:
Artist,Mentors,Places,Romances,Toxics,Beliefs,Social constrains,Practices,Logics,Visions,Dreams,Struggles, Obsessions.

With this pallet I can mix any world I want.

This is my work
within this short time spent
In this playground of colors.

yours truly

The Guestbook

lutzkinoy says: This collage work by Sanfiorenzo is stunning in a way the 'thumbnail' cannot reveal. The detail in the cutout photos, like the toilet in the third floor window and the turtles on the front yard, show humor and life and character in this gorgeous Victorian house landscape. It is exquisitely crafted and full of vibrant emotion. This museum-quality work by a largely self-taught artist is unpretentious and very "Brooklyn."