Artist Statement

My current body of work is a series of porcelain figures that incorporates found and fabricated objects. I am interested in objects that in some way extend our abilities to function, either in a life-saving manner (i.e. an oxygen mask) or for enhancement, so that we can do something that we weren’t designed to do. These objects that are strapped to our bodies allow us to continue on when perhaps otherwise we would not. I am drawn to these bulky and intricate contraptions and by the continual effort to go further and farther than we were intended to go.

The Guestbook

H1113 says: Thanks so much for opening your studio for GO Brooklyn, Kathy! I thought your intricate figure sculptures with the quiet expressions on their faces were absolutely beautiful and they put me in a really contemplative mood. I love porcelain! Great to see your paintings, too.

vanessalianne says: Your work is so incredibly beautiful!! So nice to see you xo

tiffa says: Incredibly subtle and beautiful

Betty says: loved your sculptures