Artist Statement

I paint in oil or watercolor. I paint in response to the more immediate elements of the world close at hand especially our urban environment. I love to show how nature combines with the man made, the light behind a tree can make each leaf like a piece of stained glass. The combination of the man made street lights and the natural trees creates something that is unlike nature's trees at night and more than anything that can be made in a factory which makes lights.

The Guestbook

AMS says: Tom's paintings are reminescent of both the surrealist Rene Magritte and the realist, Richard Estes, into our own local streets, esp. Brooklyn. The technique is very accomplished and poetic. Must see more.

marthasiegel says: So nice to be with you and your work! I hope you get to be in the show! Love, Martha

sandy says: Wonderful work. Keough's landscapes of what is familiar to Brooklynites was a pleasure to enjoy. I particularly like the way he paints light, often illuminating the common with a sense of the romantic.

Andromache says: How could I not nominate Tom? What a gifted painter! Just look at the quality of light and shadow. I could gaze at his work forever. You can feel and hear the quiet snow in this painting.

deborah.f.schwartz says: I love Tom's work. He captures the Park SLope neighborhood with precision, but also with a twist. The glowing, cool night light through which he often paints his subject, adds magic and tension to the other wise familiar and comfortable. It was a privilege to see so much of Tom's work together in his home too.

ConstanceNorgren says: His use of the light we see at night shows the beauty that many people pass by . He makes us see our neighborhoods that we often overlook.