Artist Statement

My work brings the darkness and unpredictability of the human mind to the forefront, disguised as beauty. I reveal a melancholic parable familiar to most, yet rarely celebrated. My recent photographic series Lashon Hara (‘Evil Tongue’) is inspired by Abrahamic religions, and uses dramatic lighting and staging to echo and re-interpret Italian Renaissance paintings. Through both these (self) portraits and public interventions by performance troupe, Sylva Dean and Me, featuring my wearable sculptures made from milk cartons, I probe the boundaries between the beautiful and the grotesque.

The Guestbook

carrie.caroselli says: I really enjoyed talking with Ventiko. It's hard to believe that each of her photos were taken in her own studio/apartment. Also, the body suit she made out of milk cartons is amazing! Seeing the video of the suit moving so organically is hard to describe, but an amazing work all in its self.

irina.grishina.58 says: Enticing!