Artist Statement

As an artist, I seek the intersection of myth and reality. My paintings stem from real events that I manipulate through lenses of fantasy, dream and theater, aiming at emotional rather than historical truth.

“Sleeping Beauties,” my newest series, is inspired in part by Occupy Wall Street’s ideological challenges and the faux-shantytown outposts where they flourish. My work connects Occupy campers with questing characters in myths, exploring the ways they play and perform homelessness and economic disparity. I’ve also been looking at art collectives in my recent hometowns of Baltimore, Berlin and Brooklyn, and mapping the ways my generation gathers.

The Guestbook

andan says: When I came in to look at your art I caught you in the middle of a conversation about Occupy Wall St. and was followed by a tour group of kids. I didn't stick around and ask too many questions. But, going back and looking at your art, I was struck again at how interesting the work is and I had a ton of questions that I now regret not asking, maybe next life. Good luck and great work.