Artist Statement

My work presents painterly narratives discovered through the process. My sculptures are fabricated from salvaged sheet metal and ceiling tin and are inspired by contemporary and outsider artists. My paintings draw from both observation and imagination and explore perspectives and experiences often marginalized by urban and mainstream culture. A primary protagonist or figure who assumes many forms including animals, mythological figures, heroes, saints and sinners serves as a narrator. Traveling through landscapes, both rural and urban, these figures seem headed on some spiritual or necessary mission. These narratives remain open to interpretation in the service of paint, form and line.

The Guestbook

pbonner says: Very original work, grounded in a life lived in Brooklyn, yet encompassed all of live, made with a cynical smile

Charlie-Shhh says: Matt's creative genius is barely contained within him. This prolific artist has so many pieces that speak loudly, that one weekend was not enough to take it all in. But my favourite has got to be (please forgive my memory here) "4 Hands 2 Boots Piano".