Artist Statement

I am a realist painter that captures the definition of life in New York City. My paintings depict modern life and the resiliency and strength it takes to live one's life on their own terms in a seemingly cold and unforgiving city that provides the back drop to some of the triumphs of the human condition.

The Guestbook

aliceg59 says: Caught in a vulnerable, unexpected moment, Betko's subjects seem surprised to find you there, watching.

snowchief says: Awesome !!!!

Justinmwil says: What can I say. Your work has been a favorite for awhile. Glad many others had the chance to see your talent -- next stop is the BKLYN Museum.

edmarion says: wonderful paintings

Kathlynwilson says: Amazing always! Kathlyn Wilson

attiss says: This artist's work really affected me. He captures the vibrancy and soul of his subjects in a very striking, very rich and deep way. Mr. Betko's studio was the last stop on a Cobble Hill art-walk which I organized. The rest of the rather large group was also very impressed with his work.

jeffwarner33 says: Good work kid.

MattStoneNYC says: Amazing detail. Very talented.

veunenka says: :-)

humpstradamus says: An amazing artist. Best work of the event.

Eraldo says: He is an amazing artist

Berdoo says: I'll sign ur mom's guest book see how she likes that! -johnnie

lemmy0220 says: Go aleks!

srw2b24 says: The attention to detail is amazing..