Artist Statement

"Picturesque" once described an aesthetic of deterioration. In the 18th century, Ruskin defined the picturesque object as a worn building that had inherited the characteristics of rocks: "complex light and shade, varied colour, undulatory form." Of course, the connotation of this word has evolved considerably. Today, the term suggests idylllic or even mawkish imagery.

I transplant this paradox of the picturesque to the American urban setting. My paintings examine an anthropology of neglect and constructed nostalgia. I probe the ambiguities of gentrification and the poetical bourgeois craving for cosmetic "authenticity."

The Guestbook

janegreengold says: I think Adrian really suceeded in creating the "complex light and shade, varied colour, undulatory form" Ruskin described as picturesque...and it is beautiful and absorbing and does evoke nostalgia, even for things we still see every day, like subway trains. Very effective.

Kip-Coleman says: Paintings looked great! I had so much fun looking at them.

Mistert says: Great young artist exploring very Brooklyn-themed issues!

phoebe.leonard1 says: Really intriguing and beautiful paintings. Humorous and poignant with great contrast of subject.