Artist Statement

The work is based upon my obsession with the human anatomy combined with the discovery of the elements that can be used to express the multiple layers of our emotional lives. Most often, it is an unconscious voyage, beginning with the images that haunt my thoughts and are then transformed through the dimensions of sculpture. Some works are further inspired by scientific principles to illustrate an idea.

----Armelle Pindon

The Guestbook

irwinbarry says: This woman's work is amazing. Her bronzes are reflective of biology and she has used her medical knowledge to create outstanding sculptures. She is also an immigrant to our borough and therefore truly representative of what has made our borough great.

PapaDave says: Very interesting work, especially liked a piece of a man's head with two smaller figures working on each side of it...I would have called it Freud

marthasiegel says: So nice to spend time with you and Brice and Camille and your sweet chienne! I hope you get to be in the show! Martha

tom says:

paul.hartmann3 says: Armelle creates at the crossroads of art and science and shows that they are one in truth. Amazing forms I can take in for hours.