Artist Statement

My current direction draws inspiration from two sources: fashion and geometric minimalism.

Fashion trends are notoriously fickle. What is embraced today maybe shunned tomorrow only to be re-embraced the day after. One piece may have multiple lives as fashion metamorphosizes into new definitions. I attempt to reference the multitudes of these forms as they sharpen into the foreground, fade away and then resurface. Visual and conceptual complexity is provided by shaping the work with minimal geometric. I use sectional elements to break down the entire piece but when used together, the whole is re-formed.

The Guestbook

DGoldsmith says: calming energy within work

robertmelzmuf says: Beautiful paintings.

bmusich says: The works on display were beautiful. The artist described how he created his works.

TarahFO says: Really interesting use of texture and colors, giving an emotional, dynamic feel to designs with very straight, ordered lines.

himani says: He is the most talented artist.