Artist Statement

My work started out as a visual diary documenting very real, very personal, everyday moments in my life. It was a meditation on the people most important to me and the struggles I underwent in our respective relationships. As I grow as an artist and as an individual, the focus of my work is expanding to encompass not just my own moments, but the greater non-political black experience.

The Guestbook

stephaniecmatthews says: Amazingly detailed oil paintings brimming with color and character. I love how she captures the personality of each subject. Gabrielle has a true natural talent. Love her work!

Valerie says: The use of shadows, color, and dimension are stunning!

Marly-Mar says: Gabby's work is in a word, EPIC. She manages to capture detail, emotion, movement and passion in such amazing strokes. Her masterful artistry is undeniable.

che217rice says: You are an amazing artist!!!!

thull says: Tomas hull

davidvictorwilson says: Her work is amazing!

linda.rislin says: Fantastic work and great attention to detail.

clawless says: Gabby's work is superlative, and awe inspiring. She's truly soulful and it's felt in her work.

chevalierlb says: Awesome Gabby

christianne.lemmey says: Stunning artwork!

dsands34 says: Simply the best.

lawanna.yvette says: love the colors, scale and subjects

Marcij1681 says: Great pieces, very textured and emotionally charged. Love your work!

Allan-Cole says: Let’s Go!

Sendy-Chancy says: Love her work!

amandargeorge says: I love Gabrielle's rich use of color and the emotional depth of her work. Truly stunning.

DanielleRedman says: My favorite!!!!! Hands down

stephelvira says: These pictures completely capture the emotions of each subject and the pensiveness of one's inner reality, while at the same time showing the beauty of their external existence. I love Gabrielle's complicated and skilled use of color.

sweetpea125 says: Fabulous, it was heartfelt, it moved me, very expressive.Would love to see more of her work.

antg35 says: You have talent! I want my portrait

howardspaces says: Gabby is the best person ever... And her artwork is unmatched.