Artist Statement

Ashley dispenses with the traditional concept of the landscape and transforms the genre to lyrically express both visible and unseen realms of existence. Such paintings give expression to sprits and elements of the natural world coexisting with sensate reality. She explores her own understanding of and relationship to nature and energy, which translate visually as a dialog between the micro and macro cosmos. Where pure energy becomes matter and cycles back again, the landscape allows the viewer an awareness of the presence of a transformative energy. Reflecting dynamic processes rooted in nature and shared universally below the threshold of consciousness.

The Guestbook

ataraban says: Good job!

jason.l.mead says: awesome!

Game-Guru says: Greatest ever...

Dawn says: I loved seeing your imaginative, oceany, energy-evoking work!

Slada says: Her work is beautiful and ethereal.

Shirley2012 says: My absolute favorite new artist!

otaraban says: She is my favorite artist!