Artist Statement

These paintings are built entirely from my memories of specific places. The architecture is a mnemonic structure that holds a multitude of conflicting memories and emotions from that space. These paintings become visualizations of the way memories exist in all of our minds.
Memory’s visual nature is based on layers of spatial ambiguities and shifting degrees of focus, combined with scattered representational details. Memory exists in a state of flux, and I strive to capture this pulsation of self-contradictions and shifting contexts.

The Guestbook

l.anne.dennison says: I found Ben's art to have depth, philosophically and to be quite compelling, visually. Of the artists I have had the chance to visit in New York, Ben's work is a cut above the rest.

diazgabriella says: Awesome way to switch up a perspective drawing.

albert.l.sultan says: Albert sultan

shaynemontoya says: Would love to see a room in the Brooklyn museum filled with Ben's art.

Lil says: Nice perspectives! Lily