Artist Statement

I have been drawn to modernist forms all of my life and have been incorporating it's aesthetic through modern industrial forms such as display stands, motorcycle racetracks, roller-coasters, and currently Eames fiberglass "shell" chairs. My work focuses on the transformation of these found/collected objects, bringing them into another life.
Drawing is an integral part of my process that allows me to work on form, scale, color and conception' prior to my objects alterations. Cutting has also figured in my drawings as in the "Cyclone" series using this technique to give you the feeling of movement through space.

The Guestbook

shell7 says: Bruce - thanks so much for opening your studio during GO. I loved the reconfigured shell chairs as totally new forms and found your work playful and surprising.

bonbon says: Hey B... Let's sit in your love seat ...

lindy.toczko says: Glad I was finally able to see your space. Lindy