Artist Statement

I sculpt with stone!
Stone's natural formation in the earth and other forces of nature inspire me.
The unique style of my work is a direct result of this inspiration.
In my work, I explore the primal connection of man to mother earth.

As a Brooklyn artist, I use glacier boulders and other stone from the immediate environment around my studio in Williamsburg.

The Guestbook

carrie.caroselli says: This was the first artist my friends and I saw that really stood out for all of us. I am just impressed by the fact that all the pieces are held together by gravity. Also, the craftsmanship for each piece is phenomenal.

relkind says: Boaz is a technical and aesthetic genius

asoutor says: Beautiful lines and elegant shapes. The pieces seemed to move in unison.

kimvaadia says: I love his work!

gail.goldspiel says: Such peaceful, meditative, carefully constructed pieces. I could look at them for hours and easily feel more tranquil and calm. His sculptures, with layer upon layer of bluestone rock, leave the viewer with so much more than just what it seen, they are at once artistic masterpieces while they also create a true artistic memory.

aya.chiwata.3 says: Bravo