Artist Statement

I studied painting and drawing with José López Colmenar in Madrid, Spain. I graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in NYC with a concentration in sculpture. My sculpture begins with an investigation of the physical properties of materials and the different ways they can be shaped, joined, combined or assembled. I find forms that express moods, gestures or concepts and explore variations for their interaction and scale. My art is a constant reflection on the character of materials and the possibilities for their transformation into sculpture.

The Guestbook

MED says: Boris displays incredible imagination in taking solid strips of wood and shaping them into contorted formations akin to bending wood when making furniture. In his case however, the multidimensional figures appear as figments of one's imagination!

tcal says: There is movement in stillness. The work has strong calming presence. it almost follows one around the room. It is the kind of abstract work that makes you feel alive.

morgan says: These warped wooden pieces caught my eye in the materials leading up to the open studios, and the actual pieces didn't disappoint. They made me imagine the twisted curves of a guitar, or crutches brought to life. Clearly such care and effort goes into these beautiful pieces of work!