Artist Statement

These compositions are amalgamations from working onsite. I zero in on a section I deem relevant. Angles, levels, and intersections are my primary concerns. Working in permanent ink narrows and opens up my subject matter simultaneously. Watching my lines move askew with the intention of accuracy gives me pleasure, evolving into a metaphor for navigating this world. I return to the studio to add value. I intuitively gravitate towards vivid colors. The prominence of my choices contrast and clash with other shapes and ink marks. These discoveries speak to me, hold my interest, and make the work worth doing.

The Guestbook says: Not sure if my other comment went through- We are so glad we made the trip and found you- excellent work! -swing dance teacher,

Nikki says: One of the nicest and most welcoming artists that I met. Carrie was so lovely, and I liked her willingness to speak in depth about her work. Thanks Carrie!