Artist Statement

My work is a quest to create a believable epidermis. In building skins of bark out of paint, paper, burlap, pencil, and sawdust, I am exploring the personification of surface via the petri dish of Sylva. The corporeal underpinnings in bark are metaphor to the human condition. By use of invention and scale exaggeration I am putting a magnifying glass on some of what I find beautiful, mysterious, and pertinent in the waking world via my subconscious. These works evidence my curiosity about the notion of what is real but they are not, however, intended as science.

The Guestbook

MED says: Fabulous imitation and enlargement of tree barks of all kinds using synthetic materials to achieve the effect of Hollywood-type sets. Great imagination!

bluenote18 says: Lindveit's micro view of trees and their bark as living surfaces reawakened in me a sense of childish wonder. He made me see the world in a whole new way which, for me is one of the purposes of art.

jessica.sirbu.1 says: Thank you for chatting with me and discussing you process and materials. Really amazing work.

mikegertrudes says: I quickly saw Eric's work and wasn't able to speak with him as I was with most artists but his work was just incredible. I couldn't get over the detail and even though it was a quick (a minute) viewing I knew it was just astounding work and attention to detail. I felt it was something other people needed to see.