Artist Statement

Facilitating international art projects has had a profound influence on my work. In countries that have been damaged by years of war and poverty, I've become fascinated by how ordinary experiences and objects relate to immigration, memory, survival and loss. Something very mundane could be a symbol of safety or shelter while simultaneously being a relic of war. It is in this context that I am drawn to the use of simple imagery: water, shoes, birds. Combining discarded materials to make these narratives is like providing a shrine or sanctuary for people, places and objects that need mending.

The Guestbook

orisharir says: I've seen Erica's work before - it is beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring. It makes me want to create art as well.

cocoandnuts says: I really liked the international themed perspective. Not only is the work conceptually stimulating, but the execution was aesthetically beautiful.

mgradel says: Erica's work seems to me to explore the essence of women's lives. Textiles, thread, sewing notions, family photographs, ephemera from kitchens, nurseries and school rooms. It is all the floatsom of the traditionally feminine realm. Combined in dreamlike juxtapositions and with a sense of isolation. The prosaic becomes the metaphysical. It is beautiful, delicate, evocative work.

GirlGriot says: I love-love-LOVE Erica's work. A friend brought me to a show of her a few years ago, and I was immediately drawn to her use of various media, the incorporation of printed text into her collages, and all the layers that make up one image. She has an amazing vision and talent.

windsorwanderer says: Some of this talented artist's work seems wrought for a children's book or are inspired by a child-like sensibility. She creates lovely collages that you need to take time with.

Wendell-Cheung says: Your designs an ideas are lovely!