Artist Statement

My work explores the transformation of linear materials into 3D objects and spaces, which I have studied in materials such as rope, yarn or plastic tubing. These particular vessels and sculptures utilize an old crafting technique in which rope or cord is coiled and stitched. I begin with a shape in mind for each piece and its formation happens by sewing, working like an analog 3d printer. The process has its own limitations, largely determined by the sewing machine, and each piece takes on deformations and glitches that give it unique personality.

The Guestbook

boyer52 says: Good luck with your work Doug. It's really nice and weird. - Kathleen Boyer

eltren9 says: Doug's work is amazing! Unique, original, full of meaning and super sensible. Like nothing you have seen before. Completely redefine the material he worked turning it into a gently universe of beautiful shapes and colors.