Artist Statement

Born in Ukraine, an officer during WWII , graduated Mocscow Low School and Odessas Art School.
He is the author of four novels, hundreds of news publications, and has partciipated in numerous Art Exhibitions in Brooklyn, New York and New York State.
A member of Jewish Folk Crafts and Arts Guild of Brooklyn since 2001.

The Guestbook

susan.katz.92 says: I wish that everyone could see your art that is the story of your life. The art and your life story should be told to a larger audience. My visit to your home was my favorite stop on the trip.

alla.baksanskaya says: Amazing artist with the priceless memory about Shtetle! He preserves and makes immortal the most important pages of the Jewish history! His art works tell a very interesting story about disappeared places, people and life which no one has to forget! Alla Baksanskaya

yevgeniya says: Beautiful works of this 90 years old man full of life bright colors and optimism!

otherconcerns says: Stunning colors, beautiful compositions. There is sadness, joy, longing and memories in Mr. Vaynshelboym's paintings and all of these feelings are so clearly perceived. This artist also has an extraordinary past and has done more for his country, community and family than most other people I've has the pleasure of meeting.