Artist Statement

I primarily work with wood, assembling pieces that I chop, saw, nail, and glue, occasionally using found objects. I also create collage and mixed media. I cut and overlap my shapes creating a personal vocabulary which consists of repeated forms, colors and patterns. I am interested in abstract contours suggested by the human form as well as forms in nature that imply energy and dynamic movement. My expressionistic sculptures and collages have a vivid, playful, whimsical effect. I explore ways of suggesting rhythm and motion by manipulating abstract shapes.

The Guestbook

aesi says: Zane's wooden sculptures are different from anything you've seen before, and her vibrant semi-abstract compositions are stunning.

Glennwolin says: I find her work to be incredibly interesting and sometimes exciting

marcfeldmannyc says: Very creative and intricate - loved it!

AttorneyAnne says: Stunning work and studio. I went home and redecorated my house the very next day.

mitch.kulberg says: I found Zane's work to be very original and just beautiful to look at. Seeing her studio and workshop really added to the experience of just seeing the work. Ironically, the piece shown in the picture on this web site is not the best representation of her work. Maybe it's just the shadows in the picture.

AlphaHelix says: Static Movement. (Yes, oxymoronic but enchanting.) Real

larry_kurz says: Interesting