Artist Statement

My work grows equally from a love of modern abstract sculpture and of ancient art from many cultures. On a formal level, it is trying to restore to abstract sculpture the resources of plasticity and mass; on another, deeper level, to recapture the spiritual weight and potency I experience in archaic form.

I've come to think of my recent work as a kind of palpable chamber music, a gesture of form and space, surface and incised drawing, revealed through a deep chiaroscuro that I hope rewards prolonged and focused viewing -- a sculptural polyphony

The Guestbook

LiaGartner says: Deeply moving work of timeless beauty.

nawaaz.ahmed says: Love the curves, the expanses. Reminded me of chirico landscapes - part natural, part futuristic.

thebeckster813 says: These sculptures are exquisite, moving on a vast scale, human and cosmic.