Artist Statement

My art practice includes public art; installations; conceptual art, written and visual; abstract painting, and sculpture. My public art and installations are site specific, based on the function, history, context, or physical location of the site. In my studio work, I am now using various means to allow viewers to manipulate the work, changing the image. Recently, I have been painting on found rolls (toilet paper rolls, rolling pins) (images 1-3) and I am now exploring other kinds of rolls and manipulable elements, both with surface images, and without surface images, focusing on their sculptural quality (See model, image 4).

The Guestbook

Migliore says: I prefer Greengold's public art work. She is strong on her conceptual approach.

shell7 says: Jane - I'm so happy to have met you through GO and to know you are the one who is behind the project I've loved for so many years. It was great to visit the studio and see the things you are working on. Thanks for opening your studio, being so supportive of the project and offering me a respite on a hectic first weekend day!

adrian.coleman.773 says: Your work was so imaginative and playful. Great to have met you.

sirron.norris.16 says: I really enjoy the interactive functionality of the art work.

anne.townsend.5 says: Thanks for opening your studio. We enjoyed seeing your work.