Artist Statement

The NYC Snocial photorealism series is about true NY’s of our generation, paintings of real people who have lived here all of their lives. Snocial represents the demise of NYC natives. It characterizes the tribal immobility of city life that undercuts the city’s reputation as a celebrated home for self-invention and discovery. A city that exposes its soul to the truest beauty and wounds of hatred, the extremes are what create the solidarity yet the anonymity; the hope and the despair. NYC is about the tipping of scales and the personal conquest, resulting in my constant source of inspiration.

The Guestbook

shell7 says: Jehdy - thanks so much for opening your studio for GO. It was lovely to see your paintings...the web does not do the work justice and it was great to see them and realize they are paintings...not photographs!

BrendaLCordero says: amazing!!!!! love you!!

rebeccalemon says: Unbelievable pictures with characteristics! Showing pieces of urban New York!

Ambiitta says: Surreal paintings. Perfect nyc theme!

shivoneg says: Good luck, Jehdy! <3

PamaLove says: Proud of you little lady. Let's get this work

alyson.shanti says: So talented! I love them all! Keep following your passion! Best of Luck!

farahm05 says: Great job Jehdy! Your paintings are so realistic...they look like photographs! Can I be your subject one day? ;)

gaby.bowen.1 says: Gaby Bowen

RedBrooklyn says: I was amazed by her work and at a glance or from a distance you would see her paintings as photography,she's an amazing talent. The way she captures the urban lifestyle is amazing , I will be on the lookout for this artist!

lucassantosbc says: Such a talented woman with a powerful message behind her work :)

paige.gregor says: <3 Jehdy's work, so talented!

jessica.sirbu.1 says: Some of the best paintings I saw during GoBrooklyn. The subject matter was relatable and personal. I'd love to see more!

diazgabriella says: THE BEST!!!

jblesso says: Good luck Jehdy!

moses.mccarter says: Evocative

jul.pena says: Amazing Work!

lorine.soriano says: Amazing work

NATTYMAWNSTAH says: incredible, grimey & inspirational. blessed to be part of the snoical project. love u

imgene says: Photo realistic and eye popping. What's not to like?