Artist Statement

My paintings explore the power and vulnerability of the human psyche when faced with its own vast and mysterious nature; and nature as a delicately balanced entity that must be nurtured and respected in order to survive as we have known her.

The Guestbook

Intensse says: Awesome work! The use of color is just great! Bold and strong elements in each piece that I saw.

vilma007 says: I nominated Jennie Booth because I love what her art stands . She was pleasant and took her time to explain her artwork. Barry Rosenthal I enjoyed his artwork but I especially loved one called soles of shoes he was also pleasant and took time to speak with you. The third one I didn't mean the artist but the art spoke for itself. It was amazing how it looked 3 dimensional and the detailing of it.

JMiller says: Jennie's work had such an effect on me. From the moment I walked into her room I felt like I was experiencing a visit from another world. Her use of color is so bold and striking. Such vivid insight into nature and the human psyche. Beautiful work.

exbillx says: I Love her Artwork. I think she is a Major Talent!! Wonderful Use of Color. Visually Stunning!!! A Wonderful Person and Someone who should their Artwork Hanging in the Brooklyn Museum!!!