Artist Statement

Visual pleasure, optimism and beauty with a sardonic touch are key aspects of my work. Highly refined forms cast in plastic or rubber often with florescent pigments simultaneously refer to pop utopian visions or a handbag, a cosmic journey or bathtub stickers, mandellas or commercial icons. Current work includes a project for dance, bright rubber poured on mirrors and sculpture which can be seen as fetishes born of nature and finish. Wallpaper patterns of imagined nature from the arts and crafts movement and art nouveau are recent inspirations, another period of optimism that is reflected in their fantastic imagery.

The Guestbook

shell7 says: John - thank you so much for opening your studio for GO and the support of the project. I'll never forget seeing you on the street just weeks before the open studio weekend near total exhaustion and your coming over to say "thank you." I can't imagine a better close to my Saturday of studio visits. Your work is lovely and lively - it was a bright spot and a privilege to visit.