Artist Statement

I make art that reflects the transition between interiors and exteriors of the suburban landscape that outwardly conform to societal pressures, and which hint at the reality that exists behind those facades representing the neighborhoods of everyman. The work reveals the contradiction and tension between appearance and reality, giving the viewer an opportunity to consider what subsides beyond and between the veneer of their own life experiences. As the veil of a neighborhood is lifted to explore inside, the rendering of these architectural openings allows a simultaneous study of the interior and exterior environments.

The Guestbook

lorraine.nam says: Great work! I'm excited to see more!

cachapline says: Jonathan Chapline's Windows Series is very engaging. The images pull you in and you want to know what is on the other side. Well executed technique, color is rich...especially liked the newest Gray Window that has variations within the blinds implying the presence of 'something more' if the blind were raised. Well done! Looking forward to seeing more from this emerging artist. He has a bright future.